Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cosplay Feature : Kakuzu

I started at my Kakuzu cosplay in 2010. I never planed to cosplay Kakuzu actually, but some of my friends were going to have a Akatsuki group at Desucon, and i didn't want to be Itachi, and one of my friends were going as Hidan and needed a Kakuzu, i used a lot of time thinking about if i should cosplay him or not, and after maybe a month or so i ordered the cosplay. When i got it the cloak was really huge and long, i got help from my mom to sew it up, so it's still huge but i love it.

I haven't seen much of Naruto, the anime that Kakuzu is from. But i'm just so in love with the character itself so i don't need to se the whole anime. I have just seen some clips and researched a lot on the character. This and Itachi is the only cosplays that i haven't seen the anime of. I'm just on the regular episodes of Naruto, i have not come to the Shippuden yet, and i doubt i will.
But i really love this cosplay and the character!!
I used this cosplay at Desucon 6 in 2011, it was a lot of fun and i was in a group with : Hidan, Sasori, Deidara, Itachi and Tobi. We got a lot of nice comments about our cosplays from others and some even said we were the best Akatsuki group on Desucon! We also go alot of hugs to wich is very nice! I don't think i will use this cosplay on a convention again, i got some problems with it, the first problem is the mask, it is getting so hot with it on, and on Desucon i didn't have any wig for my cosplay, wich i got this year. And also i won't cosplay it at conventions anymore because i got other cosplays i want to use!
I will never stop cosplaying Kakuzu, i will have more photoshoots with him because he is one of my favorite cosplays that i got. I got a lot of more photos from photoshoots and stuff with this cosplay wich you can see >HERE<. I really hope you will take your time and look at my albums. Comments/Share/Faves are also appreciated!

Love Wolfie (◕‿-)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wolfie Shadowness

My name is Stine Lise, also known as Wolfie Shadowness. I'm born the 5th of October 1995 and live in Norway. I live here with my mom, dad and my dog Mara.
So now you know some basic facts about me, but this is not what i'm going to blog about, is it? NO.
I am a geek/freak and are mostly going to blog about that, i am also a cosplayer and a singer.
So okay, i'm going to blog about nerdy stuff and my nerdy perdy life~ 

So now you know a little bit about me before i start this blog for full. I'm not sure when i'm going to blog, but i will probably try as often as i can. Maybe each day, or every second day or once a week. I dont know yet!
But i hope you will like my blog, and i will love you forever if you comment my blog because that helps me want to keep blogging, you know ~

Love Wolfie (◕‿◕✿)